Thursday, 1 December 2022

Parents Evening

Bless - that is so hard, when you lose some hard won stores! Cleaning supplies have expiry dates as well. I'm running mine down a little (slowly as I'm not doing enough cleaning) with a view to simplifying mine, so mainly things like vinegar and washing up liquid or dish soap. I'm sure I saw something about British Army instructions on how to roast an ox. I can't find it now, but I think it involved chains and scaffolding poles. I don't have scaffolding poles, but I have a lot of candles!

Cherie - no stress. That money is a big deal these days. Pop in whenever you feel like it and know that I think you are awesome!

Eileen - it always comes back to plain white plates for me. I look at some of the gorgeous plates on sites like Nordic Nest, but they always seem so expensive, or complicated, or delicate and I think of how well they'll do washing up or with a meal of something beige and then go back to plain white. And it won't be much in the way of fancy food if the prices keep going up. I'm finding myself putting things back regularly. Thank you for your good wishes for bear - I'm keeping everything crossed!

Tonight's meal was relatively expensive. It was only afterwards that I worked it out and realised. It started when I saw a pack of ready-to-eat chestnuts in Aldi for 99p. I picked up a pack and then wondered what I could do with them. I thought a beef casserole would be nice. The beef was £3.39 for 400g and I added a carrot, turnip and parsnip (around 80p), gravy granules, a bouquet garni teabag, some olives from a jar, and a sprinkle of some of that diced chorizo I got in a few weeks ago. I fried up the chorizo with some frozen onion, and I guess the store cupboard stuff came to around £1.50. I also added some dried split peas soaked overnight in the flask, though I think next time I'll give them a second boil. I suppose they could add perhaps 50p to the total, as it wasn't much. The power wasn't huge as I put it in the slow cooker for eight hours. So it came to at least £7, although it came to three portions tonight and there is plenty for two more portions tomorrow. It tasted pretty good, and the men seemed happy with it. I think I shall have to think again about casseroles and food. 

We had Parents' Evening tonight, done online. We couldn't get spots with all the teachers, and the English teacher, who I really wanted to talk to, was poorly, but the feedback was that bear was doing well, was hardworking, conscientious and and good to teach. I am so proud of him. It was the biggest thing that happened today, but there is little to say as the teachers were happy. I think the praise for his work ethic is what made me the proudest.

I shall glow with pride all week!

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. One of the best things parents can hear from their child's teachers are that their child is a good student. :) Well done, bear!

    Your casserole sounds delicious - warming and hearty. :)

  2. And so you should be proud of him when all the teachers are praising him for his work ethic ... that's a biggie. I feel proud of him and I've never even met him! xx

  3. Well done Bear! Glad the parent's evening went well

    That is a good deal with the meal. Food over is so much more expensive. It's just ridiculous. I find myself putting things back because I won't pay that much money for it. I am really not sure why everything is so expensive over here. You would think with the land and the ability to grow everything that it wouldn't be so expensive. Moan. Moan.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!