Monday 27 February 2023

A Very Slight Fail

Sharon - thank you. Yes, sometimes I feel like I have one day on and one day off.

Bless - thank you! I feel hugged.

Eileen - Thank you for the hug, it helps.

I didn't get much done this weekend. Today was... difficult to define.

First of all - I wore trainers! My feet have been too swollen and one of the reasons for my knee pain is (I think) that I've been trogging around Tesco in slippers. As a celebration, I had a half way decent walk. I took a couple of pics as proof.

I went a slightly different route than normal and it was fun. Then I called in at M&S to pick up bear's jeans and DH's fruit and salad. 

I'm pleased about that, but I didn't seem to get much else done. I was distracted by men doing something technical to the telegraph pole outside our house. I had to wait for them to get out of the street because they were blocking the exit, so I was later than I wanted to leave for the pickup. I dropped off some clothes at the Salvation Army clothes bank and some glass jars at the bottle bank and picked up a drink for bear before picking him up. He had the Drama mock exam and he said it had gone fine. I've been a bit hit and miss about food and I could have been a lot healthier.

Then I was naff raffing about making dinner as bear went for a haircut, and at 6pm there was a zoom call with the maths college about what to expect. It looks amazing but it also looks quite intense. Bear is looking forward to it greatly, so I'm keeping everything crossed that he gets the grades needed. And speaking of grades, he is going to a study/revision thing at Easter organised by the college for those who have had offers made and I need to provide a healthy packed lunch. Given bear's views on food, I am going to take him to the nearest supermarket 30 minutes before the start and let him loose in the 'meal deal' section. It's a very large Sainsburys, so there should be something. 

Writing stuff - Today's story is Chapter Four of Invitation Accepted here. I am having a lot of fun with it. 

I'm giving notice that I will be taking down Dark Picture and Under Dark Hills  on 30th April 2023. I plan to tidy them up, smooth out some of the writing and publish as a book, either seperately or bundled together, possibly with Across a Misty Bridge. As they are stories that have previously been free on the blog, I'll almost certainly have them for free at some point, and I'll try and keep the price down when they aren't on offer. I'm not sure when I'll be publishing them as books, but it will be a while, due to Amazon's rules. I want to make sure that they are tidier and neatened up, and I may add some other new stuff to give value for money. They'll also be available in paperback form, which won't be free, but I'll put on as cost effective as I can.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It all sound very intense but I really hope it works out for Bear and he gets the grades he needs. It won't be for lack of effort on his part will it. xx

  2. Looks like a really nice place to go for a walk. Wearing good, supportive shoes is important, isn't it? I'm glad the swelling in your feet went down enough for you to put on shoes. Sounds like bear is keeping himself busy! I hope having him choose his lunches to take with him to the study group/revision classes works out well. :)

  3. As long as it was only slippers and not pj's. 😉

  4. Lovely photos! You sound like me, I'm so easily distracted and the next thing I know hours have gone by and I'm got nothing done!