Friday 24 February 2023

Less Successful

Bless - thank you. I'm so surprised at the total of savings. Perhaps I should start counting what I save.

Eileen - thank you. The knee is really sore. I think it's just a matter of losing weight.

Today I failed on the walk. My knee was sore, but it was the willpower that let me down. I feel like today was a fail because I sort of drifted through it. I got some writing done, and I finally remembered to order some jeans for bear as he is going out not tomorrow but next weekend and his current jeans are sadly inadequate. He's growing like a weed, thank goodness.

I've also not been particularly healthy, but I'll start again tomorrow.

Writing stuff - The Forgotten Village is still free to download until 28th February 2023. The way that the Kindle stuff works, I can only put it free there around every six months, so if you're interested (and it's really okay if you're not interested at all) then now is a good time to get it.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I feel as though I drift through most days. I did really well one day and then definitely got distracted the next.

  2. It's not a fail if you didn't walk because your knee was sore. You don't want to hurt your knee by walking! The day was not a fail, either. You accomplished some writing, you ordered the jeans for bear, and, I'm sure you did a few other things like take bear to school and bring him back, prepare dinner and wash the dishes, etc. You did the things you needed to do and that should be enough. Some of us didn't do any of those things! :D

  3. It doesn't sound like the day was a fail. Despite feeling sore and under par, you still managed some writing and Bear has new jeans to look forward to, plus I assume everyone was fed and warm. I hope you feel better soon xx