Tuesday 7 February 2023


Sharon - thank you! I always turn to a good book as well, and chocolate.

Bless - I'm crunching the numbers for that shop to the best of my ability 

Eileen - thank you! We are all keeping everything crossed. Bear is checking his emails every five minutes, just in case.

It's been a funny sort of day. I found this

Apparently bear knows what it means.

And there are some lovely fresh leaves on the rose as well, which I have failed at photographing.

And I'm cracking on with editing and writing - which was disturbed by workman who had come to paint the street sign. You see, the name of our road is on a street sign placed half way up our house. It has been barely legible through rust and muck since we came here in 1994. Today they removed the rust and painted it white, and they're going to come back and paint the lettering black. I have no problem with that, but I was a little surprised when they turned up as no-one had thought to let us know. 

I think I have a touch of sciatica as my leg is in so much pain. I can't sit or stand comfortably for love nor money. I think that I will take a couple of painkillers and turn in for the night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hope your leg feels better soon. Get some rest!

    Nice to see things growing

  2. I understood the 100% mark but the rest of it was gobbledegook to me, so you're not alone in not understanding!

    I hope you've managed to have a good night's sleep and that the pain has eased for you. Take care xx

  3. Glad he got 100% for whatever it was! LOL.
    Sorry to hear about the sciatica; it was the worst pain I've ever had! Hope the pain killers worked and your leg is better now.