Thursday 23 February 2023

Finally Started Sweater

Bless - bear is bear, that's all I can say! He's hoping to take part in a Physics Olympiad next. These are just practice exams. The main ones are in May and June and the results come out in August. I'm far more nervous about it than bear!

Sharon - the door is the favourite part of the park for me! I must keep my eyes open and see if I notice anything else. I'm sinking under a lot of stuff at the moment and if I find a way of doing things, I'll share. I may try the timer thing.

Eileen - these are the second lot of mock exams. On one hand they're a great way of revising and practising for the real thing. On the other hand, they must be so much pressure for the kids. Bear seems to be doing okay with it, though.

Today bear only had biology, so had other lessons as well. He thinks he did okay. I picked him up and we raced home for the extra maths lesson with the college. This is entirely voluntary and aimed at kids who are likely to score highly in the GCSEs. Bear thinks it's good fun, but hard. I just keep a safe distance.

I didn't want to take a walk today, and my knee is definitely sore, but I did a little walk and here's the pic to prove it. 

I'll try and make myself walk again tomorrow.

I finally finished the bobble hat. I made a bit of a mess of the top and no doubt will have to get creative when I sew it up, but I abandoned it with a sigh of relief and cast on and knit the first rib row of the sweater. It's in navy, so dark and a little fiddly, but it's on. It's a very straightforward pattern - no messing around with increases or such and all plain stocking stitch with colour changes. I think I'll keep the pattern. It takes 800g of yarn, but that may be less if you don't have colour changes. There were two sizes - medium and large and I cast on the large. As I plan to donate it, I thought that would be better. After I cast on 134 stitches, I checked the size and it is a 138 cm or 54 inch chest! The medium is a 44 inch chest. That's plenty of ease in the pattern! I'll share any progress.

I also found the summary of my Clubcard for 2022. It included the discounts I got from Clubcard Extra, which I've got rid of, and the Clubcard prices are a bit of a swizz as they are really the 'normal' price against an inflated one with the occasional bargain, but according to Tesco I saved £995.89 and got over £50 in clubcard vouchers. I have a certain scepticism, but I'm quite pleased. 

I also ate relatively healthily today, and I have at least a little bit of writing done, so I think that I will call today a success.

Writing stuff - The Forgotten Village will be free from tomorrow 24th February 2023 until 28th February 2023 (midnight PST, so timings may be important. I'll remind you again tomorrow and then I'll be cracking on with my usual stuff. 

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Sounds like a good day, overall. Well done with getting in a walk, no matter how long! Bonus points for eating healthily. Sounds like you did well with the savings at the grocery store, too! :)

  2. Well done on taking a walk. I feel for you with the sore knee as I have the same problem and it's not nice! xx

  3. Any walk is better than not taking one at all! Sounds like you did rather good with the clubcard.