Thursday 16 February 2023

Where Did the Week Go?

Bless - I am sooo well stocked. I am definitely going to be running things down over the next few months. 

Sharon - my failure to meal plan is legendary, so you are ahead of me there. Aldi is so convenient for me that it makes sense for me to call in there, though I pick and choose what I get. I love the sound of your car - a real pioneer spirit!

Cherie - I'm sure that bear is being awkward, but nuts are sometimes a hard no, sometimes a possibility. It seems to change with the wind. Berries are also hit and miss. He will eat cheese on pizza at school and at my brother's house but otherwise treats it like toxic waste. I am seriously consdering putting him in charge of his own food next year. If he gets into the good college (fingers crossed) he is in the centre of Leeds which is overflowing with options. If he doesn't, practically all the other choices are near decent sized supermarkets, or I could give him a lift and wait in the car. I also fail at getting him to take supplements. It is also looking very damp outside, so hanging clothes on an airer in the kitchen continues.

I know a lot of people who read this are into textiles of all sorts and while doing research I found a YouTube video about woollen cloth production in Yorkshire here. I found it fascinating, so I thought I would share.

I completely forgot about blogging yesterday, but I didn't get much done so perhaps it's just as well. 

Things are definitely growing.

The pic is rubbish, but the new growth is really coming on, and it's early as well. I'm going to have to get out there and sort out the garden.

Today I've given the bathroom a good clean, sorted a load of rubbish from the porch, sorted through the new cover for Forgotten Village (watch this space), done a couple of loads of washing, ate sensible food for once and written a couple of thousand words. I've also cleared a few bits of admin so I'm feeling quite smug. I've no idea where the energy came from, but I hope that it can continue tomorrow. 

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. That sounds like a sensible option. They get to a point where they need to take responsibility for their meals. I'm lucky that Alexander loves cooking and from about 15 he cooked amazing meals. He's a great cook now and loves entertaining.

  2. Sybil, thanks for the advice on the cat meds but if I only could kneel on the floor it would be wonderful, sadly if I managed to get down there I would never be able to get up again, lol. I have found a solution by putting it on 2 or 3 of her favourite biscuits, I just have to make sure she's hungry.