Monday 6 February 2023

Same Old Same Old

Bless - Thank you! meal planning here has to be the basic scaffolding at best because everything changes! I like a nice curry with rice, and while I use jar sauces, I always add extras like more onions or veggies.

Sharon - half of the car theory test answers seemed to involve 'slow down and give space' and I don't think that's a bad start. Bear loves his maths and loves solving the numbers. The other day he was watching maths videos to cheer himself up. I'm bewildered, confused and proud in equal portions.

Eileen - bear won't eat ready meals. I've thought about keeping pizza in the freezer, but he will only eat pizza at school or my brother's house. Some of it is him being contrary, but it's not a battle that I'm ready to fight. The issues he had in the past were very real, so he's getting away with a lot. 

I've just remembered that I've left some frozen stuff on top of the freezer from sorting stuff out this morning. Darn it! I mean, it was a handful of frozen fries and a half bag of carrots that hasn't been touched in six months, and I was planning to throw them in the bin, but I guess they will be a soggy mess now. 

I'm not sure what I've been doing over the last few days. I feel all over the place. I have photo evidence that I changed my phone case.

And bear assembled the new fire for me. It's incredibly warm, even on the lowest setting, and I'm glad that I got it from a charity via eBay. I just wish it had got here sooner.

I've done quite a bit of writing, which probably isn't helping my mental state, and I took part in a podcast about horror movies and The Ninth Gate but I don't know when that will be out. 

Bear got an offer from his third choice college on Friday, only a couple of days after the interview. That was incredibly flattering. This is a more mainstream sixth form college, though, so his predicted grades are quite high for it. He's got a good chance at the school sixth form, and we are all waiting on pins for the maths college. And then he's got to actually get the grades themselves.

I think that I'll do one more 10% off shop with the Tesco Extra Clubcard and then cancel it. I'll still keep the clubcard part, but not the 10% off and the discounts on Tesco higher end own brand. I think I will be better suited shopping most days for what we need and in different shops. But if I'm going to do that last 10% shop then I should go out in a blaze of glory - it's going to be epic. I'll probably need bear to help me. I think that I'll spend the next day or two making a long list. Half term is coming up as well so I can stock up on some goodies for that. I won't get any candles. I think DH would cry if I did! I'm thinking about my storage space, and about getting stuff like tins and jars that will last. Mind you, I don't want to buy for the sake of it.

And when did Heinz tomato soup get to £1.70 for a can? I nearly fell over when I saw that. I picked up a tin of Tesco's tomato soup for 60p instead. I used to get the Heinz soup in bulk before the plague. I'd wait until the price hit 50p a can and commit. 

Writing stuff - I've been on Canva again

I've got a new series planned, with the next installment already scheduled for next week, and you can find the first part here. I think that it will be a lot of fun. It's set relatively locally, so I should revisit the area this weekend. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Good news for Bear!

    Ha ha, you would fall over at the price I pay for Heinz soup (when I can even find it). I know it's because it has to be imported.

    The Maths video thing does sound strange to me, but I'm not a maths person either. A good book does pick me up when I'm feeling down though so I suppose it's sort of the same thing.

    I like your new phone case.

  2. Sounds like you are busy! Have fun with your Tesco shopping order! Make that 10% off count! :D I'm glad you found a less expensive can of soup!

  3. Congratulations to Bear for getting an acceptance from his third choice college ... I'm still rooting for him being accepted by his first choice though. xx