Monday 20 February 2023

Bear is Fine

Bless - I know that your sausage and mash would be delicious, but they should never be eaten with a salad. It should be fried onions and thin, brown, British style gravy. Or salad. I can imagine that it would be awesome with salad. 

Bear's mock exams started today and he is doing okay. I've got in some fruit drinks that he likes and he hoovered up the chocolate coated rice cakes I got as an after-school snack, but he is doing okay. He says he thinks that he has grown since before half term holiday as he is now suddenly taller than the lockers. I'll have to keep a weather eye on the length of his trousers!

I've had a sort of okay day. I forced myself to take a short walk in the park despite it being very windy and somewhat damp. There were a lot of signs of the recent storms

I looked up and I thought that this was a picture of winter, and most would put it in November or December rather than February, but there were still a few leaves around back then.

But there were some signs of spring. I don't think this pic does it justice - the light wasn't brilliant.

Then I got some more exercise walking around Aldi (cola - I have a lot of editing to do), Tesco (drinks for bear) and Marks and Spencer (salad and fruit for DH)

And then I was working with editing. 

I didn't eat good stuff for breakfast or lunch but I did have a reasonable dinner, which was a tin of Tesco Pea and Ham soup which I very much enjoyed. I'll take the small wins as I get them. 

Writing stuff - the new cover for the Forgotten Village ebook is here and I am confident that a paperback will be available for the first time in a few days. 

The cover is from who are very patient with me. It was written over ten years ago, and I've gone back, edited, corrected and clarified and it's available on Kindle Unlimited. I'm pretty much finished editing Digging up the Past and I'll let you know when the new version is out, but I need to sort out a new cover first. Watch out for offers on this.

The lastest instalment of Invitation Accepted is here. I am having so much fun with it that it ought to be illegal. 

Hugs and good health to all


  1. Nice cover! I really like it

    Glad Bear is doing okay. Sounds like you are supporting him as best as you can. Glad you managed to get out for a walk. It does look like the storm is doing some damage! Nice photos.

  2. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I didn't make a salad to go with my version of sausages and mash! I cooked it, tonight, and added a few vegetables to the sausages (which were hot Italian sausages). Maybe not the traditional British "bangers and mash" but, it made a good dinner with leftovers for tomorrow and later. :)