Friday 10 February 2023


Eileen - thank you!

Cherie - thank you! The time crunch was seriously getting to me, and Halifax town centre can be scary. I was glad to get home. 

Hazel - thank you!

Lovely Unknown - thank you! And thank you for the kind words for me and DH. I give bear pretty much all the credit, though.

Bless - thank you! It was the time that bothered me the most, though I wasn't keen on going 50mph on unfamiliar roads with some serious bends. I was glad to get home.

Sharon - thank you!

Wherethejourneytakesme - thank you! One day we will meet! Pudsey is horrible to get around if you don't know it. I lived there for a very short while a long time ago, and it is full of small corners and funny nooks with it all spread out on side roads. It's not a bad place to live with some lovely people, but it's not a straightforward place to drive around.

Ruth - thank you! I was using Google maps on my phone and accidentally turned the volume down. I was unimpressed at my lack of skill with tech! I got bear to reset it (again)

I think I've spent today recovering. I had a shocking night, which meant that when I remembered that bear's sports kit was still in the washer at 4am, I was awake! I tiptoed down and hung it up because it's not supposed to be tumble dried. I don't want to have to replace shrunken kit at this stage - his last games lesson is likely to be in April or May!

A car a few doors down got broken into last night. We had the police around this morning asking to check our CCTV. It's just as well it's there as we fail completely at noticing what is going on in the street. I'm glad it wasn't our car. 

And speaking of cars, I swear mine has a personality. She doesn't like the cold, she doesn't like first gear and she grumbles on short runs. She is running a lot better after yesterday as I ended up on some faster roads a few times and we covered a few miles and it seems to suit her. She's still got something of a rumble going on, though, since the cold snap in December. I'll keep an eye out on her. 

I am planning a quiet and early night.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Glad you were able to spend the day recovering. Glad your car was not broken into. Of course your car has a personality! :D

  2. Yikes on the car break-ins. Luckily it's pretty quiet around here. I love the story of your car's personality. Mine is hardy. She doesn't mind starting up even on really cold days and she warms up really quickly lol