Monday 30 October 2023

I Went to the Doctor

I managed to get a really early appointment and was out of there by 8.50am. I now have loads of antibiotics to take for a fortnight. The carpark at 8.50am looks like this. 

Which could be worse. However it gets very full very quickly as it serves two GP practices, a physio centre and a pharmacy. It's not even parking. It's getting out afterwards as people have a habit of filling up the gaps in the centre of the parking spaces and parking vans in the drop off zone. It's just in a tricky place. If I can walk, it will be easier. 

Gladys is massive.

As a reminder, this is what she looked like May 25th.

I called in to Tesco for the antibiotics. I picked up a few bits while I was there, and I noticed that there was a load of Christmas stuff out, including mince pies

If you look closely, you can see that the best before date was yesterday. They know that people like me not only like to stock up but will be too weak willed to resist all the goodies before Christmas. Except that this year we're not getting huge amounts of goodies and I am checking all the use by dates.

Later this evening I called in to Aldi with bear and let him loose in the frozen food section. I don't know if anyone remembers, but back when he was in primary school, he had a lot of stomach issues. One Christmas he couldn't even face eating chocolate. This has led to him being picky about food and not really having a big appetite. I've been driven daft by him not wanting stuff, then wanting it, then not being bothered. I'm determined that he takes control of his eating, so he chose a few bits that can stay in the freezer and that he can make himself. 

He can cook if he wants to, but he doesn't want to. Therefore I am happy that he'll eat up a frozen chicken and chorizo paella that is relatively additive free rather than go out for a burger or similar. Some days I feel like sobbing, 'please eat something that's technically food'. 

Speaking of bear taking control of his life, he has a dentist appointment tomorrow. I asked if he wanted me to go in with him and he was very clear that he was fine, thank you, and that he'd rather do things for himself. I'll be around if he needs anything, so I'm not stressing. The next stage is shirts. Bear has decided that he would quite like to wear a shirt instead of a t-shirt now and again. I pointed out that he would have to iron it himself. He shrugged and said that he needed to learn anyway so no problem. 

I am very, very, very, very lucky. 

(and I'll be doing all the washing and ironing etc for him during exams and busy study times, of course)

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I'm glad you were able to be seen by the doctor and have some antibiotics to take. Hope you feel better, soon.
    Gladys is a sight to behold! You just can't hold back her exuberance! She is so happy in your garden!
    Sounds like bear is doing very well and you are doing the right thing allowing him to become independent. :)

    1. Thank you! Gladys is really cheering me up these days.

  2. Well done for getting to the doctor. I have had cellulitis twice in the past - once from an insect bite the doctor thought, and once from dropping a paving slab on my foot during the first covid lockdown. I sort of managed to get my foot out of the way but the corner of the slab caught the top of my foot and lead to lots of swelling. I remember it taking a while to completely heal - 2 different lots of antibiotics for about 4 weeks, which then played havoc with my digestive system!
    I can't remember the last time I ironed anything. I used to moan about my teenage daughter going out in un-ironed clothes but twenty-something years on she irons every week (as a nurse she has to look the part) and I don't. I even took my ironing board to the tip because the leg broke (it was over 30 years old). Actually I do remember the last thing I ironed - it was when I was making a quilt and pressing the blocks.

    1. I iron shirts for DH. When he went into work, he really needed them to be pressed and we stayed in the habit. I don't think I own a single piece of clothing that needs to be ironed. It's not a bad skill for bear to learn, but it's somewhat overrated.