Tuesday 17 October 2023

Nearly Forgot

I nearly forgot to post today. Mind you, it's not been very exciting. If you remember, last year we had the bathroom remodelled. Today someone came to look at the stuff that was wrong. It's been a little stressy. 

Apart from that, I've just pottered around. I've got some writing done and I hope I'll be able to share that soon. I've cleared out a double cupboard in the kitchen and I found some lentils that expired in 2018. I was so upset and disappointed with myself. I can't donate them and, as I have more recent lentils (which I'm not cooking with enough), I had to throw them away. The target is that by next Monday I'll have bags to take somewhere to donate stuff that I'm not using. 

I also have about two year's worth of pasta. Tomorrow I am having pasta. And possibly the day after. Also the day after that...

I've washed out a load of jars that had been put to one side - stuff with peanut butter in or the empty pickle jars. We don't have glass picked up as part of our recycling here so I'll have to make a trip to a bottle bank, but tomorrow the recycling is collected and I've got pop bottles and tins enough to take the bin around. I took a quick pic of Gladys and the white rose. Both are flourishing but I don't know what they'll be like after the predicted storm tomorrow.

Bear's cold is awful. His throat is sore and he has a rotten cough. I've sent him to bed after giving him some mint tea with honey and I hope he will be fine. He's not feeling too low, though, as he got his maths test scores back. They're pretty good, though not as good as the computer science score, and he seems to be feeling pretty good about it. He's booked himself to visit a free lecture about something science. I'll try and pin him down to exactly what when he's less croaky. 

As I'm having trouble going out, tomorrow would be a good choice for me as it's forecast to be rainy and I could sit and knit somewhere quiet. Unfortunately I may have to wait in for the bathroom people. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Hope Bear feels better soon. Things seem to be doing the rounds again now that the weather is getting colder.

    I daren't look in my cupboards. I was doing so well, but then it all went wrong lol. Story of my life!

    1. Sending hugs. You've done so much over the last few years so you can be kind to yourself now.

  2. I hope your bathroom gets sorted out without any further issues. Thank you for the photos of Gladys and the white rose; I hope the storm does not damage them in any way. Hope bear feels better, soon and you don't need to stay in to wait for the bathroom people for too long.

    1. The bathroom people are being creatively awkward. I'm enjoying Gladys so much as she's so vibrant after nearly dying.

  3. I’m responding to two posts in one reply!

    I can’t crochet in very dark wool anymore, easy to make mistakes and I want something bright. My knitting and crochet is very simple now; more therapy for my hand - too many throws already - and I do give some away.

    Presume Bear doesn't have the latest Covid ?Hope not.

    I was storing too much food - we label, but a few things were out of date. Foxes plague us - but we let them benefit…

    Now working our way through excess food🫢 often weirdly mismatched - but interesting!

    Lovely fuschia… ( Mary B)

    1. We have leftover granola which I'm considering donating to the birds. The packet is open so I can't donate it. As for using up food, the men have got used to the occasional bitsa meals - bits of this and bits of that to use up stuff in the freezer.

      I knit for relaxation now (can't crochet) so I don't take projects that are too challenging, just those that keep my hands busy to relax. I gave away a load of blankets a little while ago but now I'm considering making more...

      It's lovely to hear from you.