Monday 16 October 2023

Suddenly it's Monday

I have no idea how Monday got here so quick. I had a delivery instead of going out and it prompted some thinking.

I was one of the first to get supermarket deliveries. I dislocated both of my shoulders in 1997 and I found shopping really hard, so I've been getting the groceries delivered for a while. Back in the old days, it was relatively expensive to get a delivery so I used to get a delivery that was supposed to stock us up for a couple of months. I still have a tendency to shop that way, even though I have a delivery saver and could get a delivery every day of the week without charge as long as I hit the £50 minimum - and it is sooo easy to spend £50 on groceries. I think I need to change the way that I think. 

I'll always stock up on the good bargains. The freezer is nicely stuffed after the '4 for the price of 3' offers which run out tomorrow, and the cupboard is comfortably full of jars of DH's favourite pasta bake sauce to keep us going for a while after the '3 for the price of 2' promotion on jars which has just finished. But I think that I need to be aware of not stockpiling.

For example, I have quite a few tins of chickpeas and kidney beans, as they were once a staple in our house. I hardly use them these days and can't imagine when I'll next use them so I'm going to go through the cupboards and donate what I can, along with the coconut milk that I honestly planned to use in a curry but can't imagine when I'll cook that recipe. I'm sure that there are a few bits that I haven't even thought about for months. Of course, that's if I get around to it.

Today has been more of a writing day, but I've got a few bits sorted out, done some washing and I'm suddenly looking at all sorts of things in a different light. For example, the lap blanket with the new stitch. The stitch looked lovely and warm, but it was slow. I unravelled the little I had knitted and instead, using the yarn I got from Aldi which was £9.99 for 800g, or eight balls, just cast on some stitches using two strands of yarn on big needles. Last night and tonight while DH was here, I managed to get a couple of inches knitted up just using knit, which was a lot quicker than I had managed with the other stitch. Admittedly I'm using brighter needles, and knitting with two strands has its own hazards, but I should be able to get another inch or two on Wednesday at least watching Welcome to Wrexham and I'll soon have a cosy lap blanket.

I've managed around four inches, or around 9cm so far and it feels lovely and squishy. I'm looking for warmth and not glamour and I'm happy. 

Bear is less happy. He has a grumpy cold and was very unenthusiastic this morning but was in a much better mood when he got home as he got 50 out of 51 in his computer programming test. 

Writing stuff - I posted Chapter Four of Kane and the Haunted House here. I'm having a think about him as well. I've already decided to take him in a slightly new direction but I think he needs a little more depth to his adventures. He's such a sweetie anyway.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. If I lived closer to you, I'd come and collect those cans of chick peas and coconut milk from you! :D A chick pea curry would be nice, served with some rice or naan bread. Sounds like you'll have a lap blanket in no time at all! Hope bear feels better soon; he got some great marks on that test!

    1. I have thought it would be lovely to live near you - and I would absolutely love to share the the goodies with you. Mind you, I'd want to cuddle Dancer as a trade!

  2. I've been having a bit of a clear out lately. I have always kept a "store cupboard" but last year and the first part of this I was in and out of hospital so didn't really use things up but wasn't really using them up. I looked in the cupboard last night and I am down to 4 tins of tomatoes - which is fine for me as I live alone, but I do still have a lot of chickpeas. I've also been clearing out the places I tend to stash smaller items (I live in a bungalow with limited storage) and looking for the hot water bottle as well. I finally remembered to look in the small ottoman I use as a stool in the bedroom and not only found the HWB but 3 bottles of shampoo and about 12 packs of painkillers. I already had 8 packs of paracetamol in the medicine cabinet but had got into the habit of always picking up the 2 pack limit each time I shopped. As it happened the operations I had went well and I didn't need any pain relief after a few days. I asked my daughter "when does being prepared tip from sensible to crazy?" - she thinks I passed that point a long time ago. She's probably right as I have a fortnightly delivery from Asda, and even if I run out of something I desperately need (unlikely), I have a Tesco Express 300 yards round the corner from me, plus a chemist, chip shop, hairdresser, and coffee shop as well.

    1. Yes, I had a stockpile of handsoap long before the pandemic. I'm detemined to make it make sense. And things in hiding places! I'm annoyed with myself at the confusion that happened. I really need to consider 'ease of replacement' before stocking up!