Monday 23 October 2023

Mistakes May Have Been Made (Again)

My girly bits seem to hate me more than my satnav. I'm heading rapidly towards sixty and they still have it in them to get feisty. This weekend has been aches, pains and brain fog. It's settling down somewhat, but the brain fog continues. I was trying to write earlier and all I got was static. 

Today I went to get my flu and covid boosters. I was really achy on the way there and back. I noticed this on the way.

I really love seeing dew on cobwebs. It was very misty this morning and I was glad that I wasn't on the school run, but I loved looking at the softened landscape. We've been very lucky and without any issues from the storm. My heart goes out to those affected.

I've broken two plates today as well. They were the nice ones and I'll have to get some more from Tesco. I'm still flinching at paying £4.50 a plate and I'm annoyed at effectively breaking a tenner. Unfortunately those plates aren't on the website so I would have to shop in person for them. Going out is still something of an issue. 

Do you remember me talking about knitting a lap blanket because I was feeling the chill? And I started out with the double knitting but unravelled it and changed to two strands of DK yarn over 8mm needs and 110 stitches? It's a bit bigger than I expected. The first two balls, knitted as one, look like this. 

The pen in the middle is a standard ball point and I put it in for scale. I had a rough measure and it looks like it could be as much as 48 inches wide or over a metre. This is somewhat wider than I expected. It's also very roughly 12 inches or 30cm long. I have seven balls in the stash (there were 8 but I used one to start a scarf). I've used two knitted together so far, and if I use four more (knitted double) then it should theoretically come out at 4ft by 3ft which is a very respectable size for a blanket and somewhat larger than I expected. I was considering 3ft by 2ft a respectable size to keep my knees warm. I may make another shawl as well. The thing about a shawl and lap blanket is that I can put them on and off again as I'm on my laptop then down to put some more washing in, then sitting back down, then up to put the dinner on etc. I'm sure that it's better value than putting the fire on. For reference, the eight balls cost £9.99 which means that it's around £2.50 so far and I find it reasonable value. It feels warm, snuggly and gives me something to do with my hands while I'm watching dinosaur documentaries.

Bear picked up quite quickly but I'm keeping an eye on him. He's worked so hard over the last few weeks. He's enjoying college, no doubt about it, but I think that it's taken it out of him. I also suspect that there's been a growth spurt. I'm looking at the hems of his jeans and I swear that they're heading north. He's heading into the 'can only get trousers in certain shops' territory.

I will hopefully make more sense tomorrow.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Sounds like you've had an eventful day! The lap robe/blanket is coming along, nicely! I hope you don't experience any side effects from your vaccines; I wasn't brave enough to get both at once!

    1. I don't know about brave - I thought I'd get both side effects over and done with in one go!

  2. It never seems to end, does it? Just when I think things are settling down the womanly bits get going again lol.

    Love the cobweb. There used to a be a couple of lovely bushes that were full of them at the place I walk. Unfortunately they were not 'native' and were chopped down. Sigh.

    1. That's sad, losing the bushes. I love seeing dewy cobwebs at this time of year.