Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Another Busy Day

I am really tempted to break my resolution of not using ebay in Lent.  Bear has, predictably, lost a screw from one of his guns.  As a very unhandy female I did not expect to be carefully screwing a gun together - especially one where I didn't know what it ought to look like.  I think a bag of mixed screws is probably going to be a good idea, with a set of small screwdrivers that are entirely bear's to lose or otherwise and some very cheap meccano knock offs.

Uncle is very grumpy as well.  We can't find the charger for his tablet, so he is complaining about being dumped and left.  Sigh.  I took him a rosemary plant in a pot this morning, and I've booked his paper to take up.  As it is I am still waiting for the adapter for the air thingy that I want in my room as I couldn't tell until too late with Amazon that it was coming from Hong Kong - and the room is still giving me a few problems with dust/mold etc.  If I need a charger in a hurry to protect the staff at his residential home I need to be able to filter for UK only.

We got rid of a chest of drawers to Emmaus, but only just.  The drivers were lovely but the road was blocked.  It is getting a bit silly.  I am starting to arrange with my lovely neighbour (who is rather at the mercy of some of his friends leaving cars randomly) when I get deliveries, so I have a fighting chance of getting a delivery van nearish my home.

And speaking of deliveries, I looked on Approved Food but there wasn't that much I wanted.  I am not sure I will bother this month.

However we have got rid of something else clogging up the house.  We will be replacing it with different but more suitable storage, and I think that means a better feel to bear's room.  We can take the opportunity to get rid of some stuff as well (bear permitting).  Despite bear's best efforts, the house is getting emptier.

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