Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Definite Bright Side

Bear was poorly yesterday.  He was sick and had an explosion in what a few years ago was the nappy area.  Poor lad was mortified.  Plus he could barely manage a pancake (ready made, I am rubbish at pancakes).  This means he is off school for the next few days.  The school has a mandatory forty eight hours absence after dire rear.  

I therefore will not be getting the haircut I have been promising myself since January, and I won't be able to meet my friend who is having a bit of a bad time and I haven't seen her for months, and I will not even be able to pop to the shops as father is away in Benidorm (worried sick, he was quite frail) so until DH comes home at 6.30 there is just me and bear.

And it is going to be BRILLIANT!  Bear has been more and more exhausted so a few duvet days will do him no harm.  He fell asleep on a half hour car journey on Sunday afternoon, which he hasn't done for years.  He is definitely in need of a rest.  He has been falling asleep at eight at night which is unheard of.  He fell asleep after school at around 5pm last night.  So he will be much better for it.  Then there is the chance for cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles while watching dvds and films.  We can chill together on the computer.  I can read to him and listen to him and he can tell me all about just about everything.

He is looking a lot better.  Definitely a bright side.

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