Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bear still on Sick Leave

The school enforce a strict 48 hour quarantine after D&V so bear is at home today as well.  He is bearing up well, all things considering.  We have watched Planet Dinosaur on dvd, we have watched far too many videos of nerf guns, we have discussed cook books and he has copied out a recipe.  Creamy sweetcorn soup is looking very likely this weekend.

Bear is also recovering from a very minor cut he got from messing around with a metal tape measure.  It is the same metal tape measure that I warned him not to mess around with.  Some things go down from generation.  'Don't touch that, you'll get hurt.' 'Ouch!' 'Told you so.'  It's probably been said since our ancestors started evolving away from the trees.  It's not stopping in this house.  So far I have managed to keep bear safe but I honestly believe that is more luck than judgement.  I certainly don't take the credit.

Bear has played with some toys and explained some extremely complicated stories to me.  I pretended to understand.  He has also done some colouring and drawing and I have had a much better insight into his colour blindness.  He has some very odd ideas about the colour brown.  I've let him get on with it.

He has also got first dibs on my copy of Jack Monroe's cookbook which came from Amazon today.  Darn.  I shall try and keep it downstairs at bedtime.  He is currently belting up and down stairs for some reason that I have not really grasped.  He is definitely in school tomorrow.

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