Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Looking for the Bright Side

I am struggling to find a bright side and feeling buried under inertia.  I was supposed to get a delivery before 12 and now it is 2.20pm and no sign.  I will have to get bear soon.  Bear is exhausted and full of cough and won't want to go to martial arts but he needs to keep going or he won't get the benefit of the camp he wants to go to at Easter.  I've managed to get an appointment with the doctor for him, so that is something.

I have got lots of naffraff to do - lots of changing because of other changes and fiddling to work around other stuff.  I ought to be hammering the housework and sorting out a hairdresser's appointment.  Instead I am moping, and I am cross with myself but finding it hard to shift.

On the bright side it isn't raining.  And it seems that the respite home where uncle is staying is lovely, kind and cheerful.  That's a pretty good bright side.

Also, bear is asking for cat stories about our cats.  He is desperate for a pet.  I have quite enjoyed being without litter trays.  I wonder how long I can hold out.

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