Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday continues

Bear has been sent home with the dire rear.  He is generous with his germs, I am flagging.  On top of all the problems with uncle over the weekend (doing much better, thank goodness) I am feeling a bit low.

Something is definitely wrong.  I remember that I dreamed vividly but sadly I only remember that I was chased by a dinosaur that was wearing a pink knitted cardigan with flower buttons.  This sort of dream is usually a sign that I need a bit of a break.

School rules mean that bear has to be home at least tomorrow and as his tummy still seems to be a bit challenged then I suspect it will be a day or two more.  I expect to see a lot more about nerf guns.

It could all be worse.  All I need to do now is convince bear that having a drink of water or squash is not for wimps.

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