Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Not Fit for Company

I am trying to keep a smile on, but despite the lovely sun I am not doing so well.  The first day of the diet ended with fish n chips and we finally watched a version of Macbeth that we recorded back in 2012.  I assume the version was true to the original as the cast were so carried away doing Shakespeare in a warehouse that it was hard to tell what they were saying.  We switched off before we saw how they did Birnam Wood going to Dunsinane in industrial brick work.

I've got a shed load of stuff to do, and I could make a list, but I think I will just pootle along, see what I get done and where I end up by teatime.  It's definitely kedgeree tonight.  I have the fish coming with the market delivered.  Yesterday I got a delivery of three bottles of Famous Grouse and twelve bottles of 7up and the delivery driver gave me a look.

Bear keeps asking for stories about our cats.  I think I may end up with another furry fiend whether I like it or not.

I am not sure about continuing to call uncle.  It always seems awkward when I call and he has to trundle around to get to the office, even though they say that they had a mobile to take to them.  I sent him a basket of fruit via Amazon and they are keeping it in a store and letting him have a bit here and there.  He's had some grapes.  I spent a lot on the postage, though the fruit wasn't so bad, and I'm a bit upset that it isn't left in his room.  I'm considering sending stuff via Tesco next time, especially as they have £1 slots.

In this sort of mood there is only one thing to do.  I'm off to clean the fridge.

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