Friday, 7 March 2014

Bear continues well

Bear was back at school today.  He started the day in form, calling me to him at 6.13am.  To put this into context, he has to leave the house for school at 8.49am, so it was early.  He was complaining he was running a temperature and lying on the floor with an expression of distilled mischief.  I tucked him back into his bed, told him he was fine and dragged myself back to bed, where surprisingly I got back to sleep for another hour.

He has had a nasty cough for a few weeks now.  I had him to the doctor, who decided it was a virus and to let him get on with it.  Bear has been really exhausted recently, but when we got back from the doctor he was hurtling up and down the street with the gun father brought him back from Spain so I will go with the flow, as ever.

I should mention the gun father brought back.  It is huge, comes to pieces and makes so much noise it is a health hazard.  It also has a full complement of flashing lights.  Bear loves it.  I am considering ear plugs.

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