Monday, 17 March 2014

Bear continues Better

Bear is feeling a lot better and actually slept through the night.  I kept waking up after 3am worrying about sleeping through him.  He is forcing down some biscuits as I speak.  He thinks he may manage some chocolate later. Actually he may get some as he has been too poorly for chocolate over the weekend.  

My ironing board is drooping.  The rounded pointy end has gone all limp.  I am feeling a bit cursed in the laundry department.  I am on my third iron and third ironing board this year and it isn't even April.  Fortunately the board is still usuable.  I think it is because I lean on it when I am putting stuff in the tumble dryer, though I didn't think I leant on it that much.  

Today I am mentally sorting out the week and I realise that when I asked for uncle to come over to here on Thursday I should have checked the calendar instead of just acting on reflex, because Thursday is a training day and DH can't get it off.  I don't want to take bear to meet uncle on the first day or so as he became very confused each time he was moved in the past, and father can't keep an eye on bear as he has a packed Thursday.  I am sure I will work something out.  


  1. Hugs very much appreciated! Thank you WS xxx