Sunday, 9 March 2014

Another Step

We were at uncle's house yesterday.  I tried to sort stuff out with my brother while DH took bear to Chester where they had a wonderful time at the Roman Experience.  They at at Spudulike and in Chester if you go downstairs you can sit next to the genuine Roman hypocaust that was excavated when Spudulike was opened.

We barely made a dent in uncle's stuff.  We are faced with things like this:

This thing must be forty years old, needs a good clean, has no value but it has always been there.  Behind it you can see a silver jubilee paper coaster and a trophy that belongs to a quiz team uncle was on.  We should be able to pass that back to the one remaining member.  We found medals and all sorts.

Bear has been in absolutely pieces as he realises that we are losing the bungalow.  There is an apple tree planted for him, which he is devastated he will lose.  Hopefully we will be able to dig it up and move it, but I don't know if it will survive.

I am finding this hard, and it is hard to make the time to go through the bits that need sorting.  We are also trying to guess what uncle will want in a home as he is still wanting people to do thinking for him.

If feels like we are sorting a house after someone has died, but uncle is still alive and being awkward.  When we took bear to visit him uncle did his usual trick of spending the time threatening bear with taking away his rat, his pocket money and his pandy.  I was glad to get out and felt awful for it.

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