Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday continues Bear

Depending on how recent his paracetamol or ibuprofen has been, bear is doing okay or poorly.  At lunchtime he couldn't manage icecream.  At 3.00pm he was insisting on a sandwich.  He only managed a few mouthfuls, but it was definitely a sandwich.  He is a lot better than yesterday when I was really panicking.  I ended up sponging him down with lukewarm water in desperation as his temperature climbed.   I suppose it is normal for being a mum, but it's not nice being in the middle of it.  Bear does a spectacular temperature sometimes, so I am not perhaps as worried as I could be as it always climbs back down again.
DH now has a poorly foot and is considering the doctor.  This is very worrying as normally DH only gets to the doctor under extreme circumstances.  If father went to the doctors with his bad knee I think I would have a full set.

Compared to six months ago, things are a lot better here.  I am very grateful.

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