Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bear had a good parents evening

We are really proud.  The teacher actually said he had academia written all over him.   My little bear!  He has done the exams he should have done in May in February and will be doing the next stage in May when most of the rest of the class will be sitting the normal stage.  And I found that there is a healing well that I didn't know about in the village on which I based the Forgotten Village.  This was a nice surprise, though I should stress that the only thing the two places really have in common is a very vague half street and some lovely people.  There are no vampires or werewolves there, honest. 

On the other hand, well, where do I start.  Father had a polyp removed from his bowels and they found some cancerous cells.  As he is being referred to six monthly check ups I am not as worried as I could be, but it is a bit of a concern.  Bear is much recovered, and completely resistent to homework, even on training days.  Today he was happily working on an English book for the year above him, but try and get him to write out half a dozen words three times each and it feels like the ceiling is falling on me.  To my utter relief he is back at school tomorrow.  I am not so keen on him wearing his very new taekwondo kit (Sport Relief), but it is a good advert for his teacher.  Bear has been very clear that the pound that he needs for the privilege is not, under any conceivable circumstances, coming out of his pocket money.

I have had some spectacular failures in the kitchen in the last few days when I wasn't sure about fitness of meat, then I was convinced about unfitness of meat, and I left the iron on all night.  I haven't been able to test the iron much today because apart from bear insisting on my company the electric went off at 5.30am.  Apparently something in the street light blew up which meant that the power supply to us and our neighbours was interrupted and the street is now full of barricades, mounds of earth, bits of tarmac, diggers plus thirteen separate cars that nice Mr Next Door is working on and it is a bit congested.  It is slightly reassuring that there is some basis in science for the times when the internet went off every time the street light came on, so that is something.

We are nowhere near in the sort of state that some poor people have been in over the last few months, especially in places like Somerset, and we have probably saved a few pennies on the electric, but it has been a little depressing.  I also have boxes of dirty china all over my living room to sort out from uncle's home.  It is waiting until tomorrow. 

But there is some incredible good news - uncle is up in Leeds!  I am so relieved and happy and will be able to visit him tomorrow. 

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