Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wish I didn't Notice Things

I've just noticed a tear in the sofa cushion.  It's an IKEA sofa and the cushion cover isn't one you take off and replace.

Yesterday bear gleefully showed me some holes in the fabric underneath the cushions that cover the frame.

The tear on the cushion is just wear on the fabric.  It was not an expensive sofa - quite the opposite.  We got it when bear was about six months old, so it is six and a half years or more, and is just fabric.  Bear has given it a lot of wear over the years and I have repeatedly threatened to make him pay for it.

I remember how we came to have it.  The sofa we had had previously was one left by DH's grandmother who passed in 1989, and I loathed it.  It was too small to lie on, fake leatherette and if you sat on it wrong it tipped you on the floor.  I had had two chances to get free sofas and each time DH's mother had had a dicky fit at the thought of the sofa going with all the memories of her mother.  It had been constructed around 1970 and the cats had managed to get inside it.  I was fed up of being stuck with a sofa you couldn't cuddle on.

Then we had bear and DH's mother was sitting on the sofa a little more.  She got tipped on the floor once too often and gave us the money to get a new one.  She passed when bear was five months old and before we had got the sofa home.

This sofa has a lot of memory attached, with cushions regularly used as the walls of a fort and it has been slept on, cuddled on and fussed on.  It is the place where evil cat passed away.

I'm going to use gaffer tape on the holes and start seriously saving for another cheap sofa that can probably fit through our door but DH can still stretch out on.  I am going to feel very sad that it is gone, but quite relieved to have one a little less battlescarred.

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