Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Poor Tired Bear

Bear is soooooo tired.  He is shattered, exhausted and out on his feet by 5pm.  I suspect that he has had a growth spurt or two on top of the virus the doctor said he had.  I definitely suspect the growth spurt.  Bear is nothing but bones.  It is ridiculous.  I look at him and there is nothing to him.  His new trousers are already starting to inch up - or they would if they sat on his waist and didn't sag to what there is of his hips.  He is a very skinny bear indeed.  This does not stop him trying to eat his bodyweight in sugar, but it is having no obvious effect.

I think I will have a baking day tomorrow and make stuff that has some nutrition as well as sugar.  Bear is suspicious of my cooking but DH will help out.  I am on day three of the diet.  I am finding it tough.  I shouldn't have got this fat in the first place.  However it does excuse me from my own baking.

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