Friday, 14 March 2014

Willpower? What Willpower?

I'm sneaking this in as bear is asleep for now.

Poor bear is going through it, just like all kids do.  However I am not able to get much done.  After literally fifteen minutes he was calling me out of the kitchen because he said he couldn't move his little finger.  He could, but it was cold and I think he had been holding it up.  The last few days he has suffered a lot with pins and needles and cramp.  I daren't sneak past him to make the lovely healthy meal that is my diet, so I have had a few biscuits.  So much for the diet.  Father is very supportive, though.  He has just brought in a box of maltesers.  Sigh.  At least it wasn't Cointreau.

I gave up my friend ebay for Lent.  I really could do with some browsing to take my mind off things.  I can feel my resolve slipping.

On the bright side I am getting a lot of time to wander around the various blogs and forums.  I can't start anything that needs continuity as I may be summoned at any moment, so I have a lot of time to look around.

I may dig out the old Walking with Dinosaurs dvd this afternoon.  Bear is mildly interested in dinosaurs and it will make a nice change from nerf guns.

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