Friday, 28 March 2014

I didn't drop it down the stairs

And I forgot to take a photo.

There has been a heavy blanket chest in bear's room for ages.  However things keep getting stacked on top of it, so it just doesn't get used.  It was full of out of date, too small dressing up clothes.  We have moved one new storage unit up into bear's room and now we needed space for another one that would replace the chest and actually be used.  There is one waiting as I type, sitting under the living room window looking smug (and full, but that's another story!).

In a random moment I emptied the chest and asked nice Mr Next Door to take it downstairs for me.  He promised me that he would but he needed to help out a friend with a tricky problem and a deadline first.  In an even more random moment I decided to take the blanket chest down myself.

There should be a word for that moment half way down the stairs when you realise that you are humping something seriously hefty and you have bitten off more than you can safely chew.  It's that moment when you pause half way with a piece of solid wooden furniture wedged half way down and think - am I going to be stuck here for hours and do I have my phone on me to call for help, although to be fair the last time I managed that it was a metal storage unit that was slightly taller than me.  Today I was staring at the door at the bottom of the stairs and wondering how cross DH would be if I crashed into it.  It is a solid blanket chest, constructed from planks and heavy iron hinges.  The door at the bottom of the stairs wouldn't have had a chance.  However I am now incredibly smug as I got the blanket chest and me safely down the steps and out into the garden.

Nice Mr Next Door was happy to take it off my hands, together with the enamel potato bin that I had lusted after and bought in a moment of weakness and then had to watch it go rusty.

So that is one solid blanket box that needed restoration but is probably vintage and one definitely antique set of drawers out of the house and mdf and IKEA self assembly in.  I am glad we sent the drawers to Emmaus.  They do such good work and the thought of trying to work out how to get it fit to sell and the delay in getting rid of it was daunting.  It was a lovely piece, but too big for the house really and not what was needed for what we need to store now.  The blanket box was always a bit of a nuisance as in theory we should have been able to do all sorts with it, but it never happened and now we have a space that can be used properly.

Now I am off to visit uncle in the hope I can find him awake at this time.  

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