Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Diet Fail

The diet I was trying was one of those shake ones and a very low calorie diet.  I'd heard it recommended by bear's martial arts teacher who is red hot on nutrition.  I now feel really ill, like I do on all very low calorie diets.  I could be stoic and just keep going, but I have a bit much on at the moment,  so I am going to see what else I can come up with.

Bear is in school today but I expect a very tired bear coming home.  I am bracing for impact, in fact.  But he is so much better.  It's normal for little ones, they get poorly, their mothers (and fathers!) go frantic with worry and then they are better.  I am quite relieved bear is back in school as yesterday I got caught up in a very complicated game where at one point the Dam Buster Squadron were bombing a group of Allosaurus and I wasn't keeping track of everything so well.  There was also a very heated discussion about whether the Ice Age came before or after the Stegosaurus.

Dinner tonight is looking like a fish charlotte with purple kale.  I think it is purple kale, it looks a bit like it and it came as part of the delivery.

Now I am off to book my Morrisons delivery for three weeks away.  You have to get in early if you want to get the £1 slots.  I may cancel it nearer the time.  I thought I was doing well.  I had a £45 delivery from the market with a chicken, gammon joint, veg box, fruit box and some nice coley fillets, and I was just going over the £40 minimum order for Morrisons for pop and milk and the healthy seeded bread that bear has approved of, when father added two bottles of whisky to the Morrisons order.  It is very lowering to see the cost of the delivery go up.  I was really pleased to get lots of healthy food, treats and staples for under £90.  I think my grocery bill is a lost cause.

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