Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Uncle has a phone

Uncle has his own phone back.  Sigh.

9.40pm last night our phone went.  As no-one we know phones that late DH shot to the phone.  It was uncle.
"Where are you?" He asked when DH passed me the phone.  "I'm just sitting here on my own, no-one is coming near me."
"I can't do much about that at nearly ten o'clock at night." I said as deadpan as I could manage.
"Is it night time?  I thought it was ten o'clock in the morning."

To his credit uncle was a bit embarrassed when he realised and got off the phone very quickly.  I expect this is not the last of such calls.  I am so glad that he isn't in sheltered housing and that we managed to get him to residential.

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