Friday 25 April 2014

A Grey Day

It has been miserable here and damp.  The good side to that is that I don't have to go out and water the trees.  Father did a lot in the garden on Wednesday so I have to keep things watered.  The lovely, expensive sewing shears that I had been saving for years got taken out and used in the garden.  I was unimpressed but at the moment I don't need fancy shears.  I plan to use a tip that I have seen on tv and cut aluminium foil with them to sharpen them, and then hide them very carefully.

I did get a picture of a very old looking tree with very young looking blossom on.  It really cheered me up.  I love spring blossoms, they really give me a lift.

I did get a huge waft of blossom scent on the way to picking up bear.  I wish it had made me uplifted.  Instead it reminded me of the scent of the dratted Amaretto that father pushed on my at Christmas.  He bought me a bottle of Buck's Fizz last weekend at £2.99 for a large bottle.  I am not expecting it to be the most wonderful stuff ever drunk.  I am however, going to have to drink it tonight.  Father is getting very upset that it has been sitting in the drinks cabinet for five days and I haven't necked it.  Having father live with us is very good for the soul but it is rotten for my liver.

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