Wednesday 16 April 2014

The Bees Have Gone

I'm not doing well in only blogging upbeat stuff.

I had a look yesterday and there is no sign of the bees in the chimney.  They have been there for years, and they are such a fixture now that I feel bereft.  I miss them.  Also I feel that I have lost a little distinction - I no longer have bees in my chimney.

One reason I was checking was that we have fruit trees now.  Father insisted on planting two next to the house.  This is the apple that is supposed to produce apples that are red all the way through.

If all of those blossom fruit it will be a crop (but it is likely to bear hard on the branches so they may need to be thinned if they all go to fruit).

This is the damson.

There was less blossom on this, so I predict a crop of around four damsons, all things being equal.

We brought an apple tree back from uncle's garden.  It was bought for bear, so it was important.  It is in a pot so I will be watering like crazy over the year - I daren't lose it!  It seems to have survived the journey as it has more leaves and is showing a few hints of blossom.

It is conveniently next to the kitchen window (at the bottom of the picture).

Father has a very bad tummy again and is looking frail.  Bear is pitching not to leave the house.  Someone needs to get weedkiller and mildew treatment from town, pick up bananas and deliver them to uncle and somehow get started on clearing the area where the sewing machine has to go.  I am not spending £58.65 to just have it sit in a box, but it needs a bit of space.

The sun is shining.  It's all possible.

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