Thursday 24 April 2014

Half way through the day.

I am in epic fail territory, I haven't done the planned challenge with the wipes and if I am downstairs I won't be able to hear the expected delivery of fruit & veg, as there is washer, dryer and dishwasher on so no ironing.  A depressing amount of notions has started appearing as a result of ebay impulse buys, but I now have fabric, interfacing, wadding, a zip, ribbons, novelty buttons and several miles of bias binding that will take me through the first few projects until I am comfortable enough with a sewing machine to alter the expensive curtains.  They may be only expensive to me, but those curtains seemed to cost a fortune and I nearly didn't get them.

There is, however, an amazing bright side.  I have been doing the writer's challenges on Trifecta and Write on Edge.  I've posted links to stuff I have written.  Sadly Trifecta has finished and Write on Edge are in the throes of a new book so there have been no recent challenges.  After a long and winding discussion, me and an old friend, Tom Marlowe, have decided to set some challenges ourselves.  We have been having a great time, and we now have a joint blog called Light and Shade Challenge here.

If you like the idea of writing a short piece of fiction, please come and have a look.  There will be a prompt come up on a regular basis and you will have a picture and some words and the challenge will be to write something inspired by those up to 500 words for the Monday Challenge and 100 words for the Friday Challenge.  You then post it on your own blog with a link.  You can do one, both, or just now and then, challenges end on the following Sunday.  If you like you can just read.  The first post goes up this Monday, on the 28th April.  Please wish us luck - and it would be great if you could find fun in taking part.

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