Tuesday 22 April 2014

Not a good start to the day.

I can't find bear's book bag for school anywhere.  This is a pause in the frantic search.  He will miss handing his homework in.  The dratted thing could be anywhere.

I have spent most of the morning on the phone trying to get our mortgage back on a fixed rate.  I have just been asked for a piece of paper I don't have.  This is the third attempt and the third different bit of paper I have been asked for.  I am waiting to see what happens when I ring back with this particular piece of paper.

I have dyed bear's martial arts trousers a very funny shade of grey, but fortunately I have a stock of colour run powder in.  I hope I can get it fit for tonight.  I also forgot the dinner money, but I am ahead anyway so that is safe.

It may be Tuesday but I feel like a swarm of Mondays has just ganged up on me.

Still, I have remembered to take something out for dinner tonight.  I have hung the curtain in my room that has needed doing for a few weeks.    That is an improvement on the general run of things.  It is raining so I don't have to water the trees.  And if I really crack on with the sorting out to find the book bag I will get rid of loads of stuff - I have already emptied two bin bags.  Which reminds me, I need to go and get the weeds out of the green wheelie bin as they are classed as contaminants and I don't want to get told off again.  However here is a picture to hopefully cheer you up, as it cheered me up, from a week ago.

I took it on the way to visit uncle.  I take a short cut through a park.  I saw it and thought, 'my lines have fallen in pleasant places.'

And while I was uploading the picture 48 rolls of loo paper were delivered, my brother called in and deposited vast amounts of stamps to sort through and I found the book bag.  Uncle has blood in his urine and is confused and feeling unwell.


  1. Can I use that comment please? 'My lines have fallen in pleasant places'. I think that is a beautiful phrase. Don't know when or where I will use it, but it is lovely.

    1. Please use - I think that it is from the King James Bible. When the Israelites entered the promised land they cast lots or lines to get their land. I think of this when I feel lucky to be surrounded by beauty - despite all my grumbling I feel very blessed. WS xxx