Friday 18 April 2014

Good Friday

We are having fish for dinner, so that is something.  Bear had his face painted in the park this morning and went to visit uncle.  He came away with an Easter Egg presented by the staff - which he insisted on sharing with the little lad next door but two.

I am lining up things on ebay.  It probably isn't in the spirit of Lent, but I hope I have saved a little from all the impulse buys I have avoided.  I just need to avoid getting silly on Sunday.  I have a seam ripper in mind, and a bundle of cottons.  I have made a list for what I need for the start of the Half Yard Heaven book, and it includes vast quantities of bias binding and a zip.  I have no idea how to do a zip.  This could get very scary.  However I am taking this as a way to learn how to sew, which is why I am getting very inexpensive zips that will probably jam and using second hand duvets for fabric until I know what I am doing.  Then maybe I can get the Cath Kidston fabric in the pictures without worrying about making a mess.

Father and DH are happening in the garden.  I left them to it and carried on with the huge mountain of ironing that once cleared will give me the space to sort out the dining room which is where the sewing machine is going to to.  Hopefully.

I am a bit worried that I have taken on a hobby that is an excuse to mound up half finished projects and buy cheap bits on ebay.  Still, at least the curtains will be sorted.

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