Saturday 5 April 2014

Not finding a bright side.

Father has just had a fall.  He went out to get the paper to pick his winners for the Grand National (just because he goes to a Methodist Church which forbids alcohol and gambling doesn't mean he won't drink and gamble) and as he crossed the road a motorbike came out of nowhere (and this road is notorious for it).  Father stepped back and fell over the curb.  He says he is fine.  I am worried sick.

Bear is visiting B&Q with DH to buy his own screwdriver as he still wants to unscrew things.  I am nervously looking at our furniture and I think we'll be safe.

I didn't want to blog until I could put something positive down.  Finding it tough.  Bear has been off school for a full week with D&V.  After the tonsilitis school are going to be writing letters about attendance.  I am more stressed by trying to get the street clear enough so that when Asda delivery three litre bottles of whisky and nothing else (the driver gave me a Look) then they can at least reach the house.  Nice Mrs Next Door has been having words with her husband who is lovely and I think the count of cars being mended is down to nearly single figures.  It was so tough when DH wanted to give me a lift to uncle last weekend when he was so poorly and we couldn't get out as cars had filled the street so much, including one that was just left in the middle of the road.  It took twenty minutes to get out.

Bear challenged me to several rounds of Snap! and I was happy to be a bit slower than expected.  I then found out from DH that he had been teaching bear how to palm cards.  He has also taught him out to play brag.  I may be getting other letters from school.

Posting may be a bit hit and miss.  I am determined to be positively posting.  I apologise for gaps because I am always grateful and thankful that people read my witterings and that so many kind, supportive and lovely people comment.  However a fortnight of bear on holiday will surely provide something positive to post.


  1. Best wishes to Dear Father and hope he is OK. Our Methodist Church deeds state that there can be no alcohol on the premises, but I think many in the congregation enjoy a drink now and again, just not at the chapel! Gambling is another grey area - it seems to be allowed when it is for fundraising purposes in some chapels - we hold raffles for example! I'm not sure how a raffle at a coffee morning compares to hard core gambling, but we seem to get away with it now and again :)

  2. Oh dear! I hope the Easter break gives you a bit of a lift, and that your Father is none the worse for his fall. I was brought up by teetotal, non-gambling parents, and still feel guilty at buying raffle tickets at the school fete!