Tuesday 8 April 2014

Not Stopping the Shopping

I'm down to my last 36 rolls of toilet paper.  I am irrationally twitchy.

Bear has demolished a whole punnet of grapes, a satsuma and a pear as well as making a determined effort to eat his own body weight in sugar.  I am so glad that he's eating he is getting any food into him that he's getting away with murder.  Well, he's getting away with chews, lollipops and cake bars.  Mind you, he insisted on having mashed swede and carrot tonight.  It's his new favourite dish and he prefers it to chips.  So tomorrow I will be getting a delivery that includes swedes, carrots, pears, grapes and nutella.

I hadn't bought any nutella for ages then I stumbled across this recipe here and needed some nutella.  I haven't made the nutella mug cakes yet, but it's only a matter of time and keeping bear occupied with something.  However the nutella jar/glasses have a lovely new shape.  I am wondering how bad I would be to get lots of jars of nutella that doesn't go off that quickly, and that wouldn't have much chance to anyway, just so I could get a large quantity of lovely new glasses.  All our smaller tumblers are old nutella jars.  They are brilliant - they are a nice size, do not break easily and look stylish.  The new ones look even more stylish.

I got the image from the official nutella site.  They didn't have any recipes.  Perhaps it is just as well.

Regardless, I am off to research toilet paper.


  1. I buy this size of Nutella jar, I save the lids and then make individual sherry trifles in them. Or mini cheesecakes. Because I always over cater, and doing it this way means that everyone has a choice and the rest go back into the fridge for the following day! They are very popular...

  2. I'm stocking up on my favourite loo paper which is on offer at our Co-op at present at £3 for 9 rolls. Was cheaper at AF when I did an order last but they would only let me have 4 packs on each order. Postage makes it too much to order too often as we know, so the Co-op is the next best compromise, and still cheaper than the £5 regular price! Good luck with your hunt xx