Saturday 26 April 2014

Cleaning Drains

DH poured the cheapo bottle of Buck's Fizz down the drain and I think it has done the drains a world of good.  I was trying to work out a tactful way that would convey to father 'do not etch my glasses with that brass-cleaner based concoction every again' and I think I failed. Father is currently off at a table top sale in a church hall.  Please let them not be selling cheapo drink.  He will come back with some ornaments, a book or two and something more for bear.  He always does.

Bear is in a very good mood this morning as he has a new tie.  I don't like putting up too many pictures of bear on the net, so I will let you imagine a seven year old wearing bench jeans, a two tone black and grey shirt and a red tie.  This is an outfit he put together himself.  I suspect he is going to be expensive to dress later on. I will add it is only the Bench jeans that came from TK Maxx that were anything near expensive (still whimpering at £15 for a pair of jeans for a seven year old - how did he persuade me?) and the rest came from my friend ebay.  I think when he is older he will get a clothes allowance and I will leave him to it.  Pocket money and the need to save for things has certainly cut down the amount of small, plastic, breakable toys coming in.  Hopefully a clothes allowance will prevent me from the worst shocks of Superdry.

Can I just mention that a mum-of-a-friend-of-bear was having fits because the coat she sent her son to school in that cost £80 had gone missing.  Bear has not asked for something like that at least - yet!

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