Sunday 6 April 2014

A Quiet Sunday

Thank you for hugs.  DH is now suffering from the D&V.

My ironing board cover has lots of tiny pin prick holes all over it and looks like it has woodworm.  I have absolutely no idea where that came from but I am going to have to allocate the evenings next week to getting back on top of the ironing.  At the moment I can't actually reach the tumble drier for heaps of ironing.

I have found a linky for home made tumble drier sheets.  This is untested.  I use white vinegar for fabric conditioner and it does us fine but I have to tumble dry DH's gym kit due to time constraints and the clothes were feeling quite scratchy so I bought some comparatively inexpensive tumble drier sheets.  Then I found that you can cut up a household sponge or use a J-cloth or face flannel and leave them to soak in fabric conditioner and when you actually tumble dry something you just squeeze the sponge/cloth and bung it in with the clothes.  When you pull the clothes out you put the sponge/cloth back in the tub of fabric conditioner.  Some recipes suggest diluting the fabric conditioner, but I am not sure about that.  I will only be using it for DH's gym kit as everything else is either line dried, dried on the clothes airer, dried on the heated airer or tumble dried without the benefit of scented chemicals and they are fine.  It will be a while before the small pack of drier sheets run out, so I thought I would share now.

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