Monday 21 April 2014

Bee-autiful sight!

There are suddenly a lot of bees in the chimney - lots and lots!  I am so pleased.  I do wonder if it is a very early swarm that was attracted to an empty or dying nest, as the last week there hasn't been a buzz.  On the other hand, it is warming up properly now and there is a lot of blossom around so I suppose the bees could just chill before but now are getting busy.

Father took us to the local Harvester restaurant.  It was lovely, I feel utterly stuffed, and bear was too full for dessert.  I think I may mark this in red in the diary - a seven year old too full for dessert!  He had stuffed himself at the free salad bar as well.

I am setting myself some weekly goals.  I am rubbish at setting realistic goals and I give up too easily, but the whole sewing thing has got me thinking.  If I want to make the most of it I need to work towards things.  By next Monday I want to have written 5k words, cleared the dining room so that I can use it as a sewing room and finished at least another 100g ball on bear's blanket.  I'm just knitting it, having given up on the Dalek theme, but I want it finished and out of the way.   It is actually quite a tough challenge as the vast quantity of ironing I need to do to get the room clear needs time and I need time to get the writing done.  Time is currently in short supply.  If it isn't bear, it is father or DH or uncle who need me to pay attention.  It's a bit of a struggle at the moment.  However if I set the mark today and see how it goes then it will be easier to set the next week's mark.

I am determined to find the fun in going for it!


  1. I'm glad your bees have returned & I hope you achieve your aims, I've sorted out 3 'project bags' so I have something ready to grab when I want something to do. I had big plans for this holiday, but what with DD being unwell & hubby being around & 'helpful' I only started sewing at the beginning of the weekend. I'm hoping to make a start on one of the quilts next bank holiday.

    1. Thank you. I'm feeling quietly confident. I think the project bags are a great idea, and I can't wait to see what you manage (family permitting, it is a bit of a challenge sometimes). I am so impressed by the dresses. WS xxx