Wednesday 30 April 2014

Uncle has a bad day

I visited uncle this morning first thing.  It was lovely walking up the rather steep hill, and it was pleasant to see uncle although he wasn't with it.  He was falling asleep before opening his eyes and telling me a mildly rude version of 'Mary had a little lamb'.  On the way back I found a new shortcut downhill and took some photos that I may well use for a prompt in a writing challenge later on, or not.  Here is a spring that comes out of the hillside half way down and in the middle of the park.

I got back to the house around 10.30 after leaving uncle to go to sleep then got a call from the residential home around 11.30.  Uncle had been booked in for a hospital appointment this afternoon, could I go with him.

Father agreed to pick bear up from school and so I dashed back up the hill.  Uncle has ongoing urine infections so they had sent him for a kidney scan and a camera in the bladder.

Big important point - uncle is okay.  It looks like the infections are irritating the bladder but there is nothing else to worry about.

Very minor points - I was sent on my own with uncle and I had absolutely no idea where he should be.  We were at St James' Hospital in Leeds which was filmed as 'Jimmy's' and is massive, it sprawls out for wing after wing and it was quite a challenge.  I wasn't sure about the medication uncle was on for the infection and, to be honest, he was getting more and more confused as the afternoon went on.  I spent a lot of time translating.  He told me he was in Liverpool, then he was in Wrexham, at one point he refused to believe he was in Leeds and then he told me he had been in St James many times.  He hadn't.  I was like a well used, well wrung out dishcloth by the time I got him safely back to the residential home and had briefed the nurse.

More good points - bear had a ball this afternoon.  Homework hadn't been sent home so he just chilled on the computer for nearly three hours while father left him to it.  I had left out snacks and a drink and bear was apparently no trouble at all.  DH was a marvel and brought home the ingredients for a nice, healthy meal and made it.  After the thunderstorm I didn't feel the need to go out and water the trees.

Now I am off to bed.

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