Monday 14 April 2014

It's here!

The sewing machine has arrived.  I am looking at it as I type.

Now all I need to do is clear a space to use the thing.  If I clear the big wooden table then it will be ideal for sewing and cutting out.  To do that I need to clear my dining room.  It's going to take days.

I just deleted a huge lump of text explaining exactly why getting it all sorted is going to take ages.  I am determined to write only positive.  I have something to aim for.  I don't want to spend £58.65 plus the money for the old duvet covers and just waste it.  I am looking forward to learning something new.

On another note, the local church runs a card making group on Monday evenings.  I am a bit reluctant as I am not keen to get into another craft, but I may do it in a lukewarm fashion.  I think it is important for bear to see that mums do go out, and it is just at the end of the street and unlikely to be expensive.  I am thinking about that.  I shall hold fire on that, though, until the sewing machine is up, running and productive!

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good to hear you've got your sewing machine, hope you have great fun with it. I went to a little cardmaking class at the beginning of last year and I'm afraid to say it does get addictive :) but great fun and as you say it's good for you to have me time and for bear to see you going out on your own, go for it even if you just go along to see what you think ,
    kat x

  2. Thank you. I am looking at the cardmaking and thinking about how good it would be for bear, but it is all fun! I'm waiting and seeing but you have given me some reassurance. WS xxx