Wednesday 9 April 2014

Sewing Machine

Lesley - we so need a sewingmachineaphobe support group (SSG)  I have seen a sewing machine.  It is apparently okay, has okayish reviews on Amazon, is comparatively inexpensive.  I got rid of three just recently, but they were not fit for spares.  This one looks sort of safe.  If anyone has any suggestions please comment as I am completely in the wilderness with this.

The picture is from Amazon which is standing in as my friend.

I have been doing the thinking.  I want a new machine that can manage curtains.  It has to be new because that way I am reassured that the bits and manual match.  I don't know enough to make a guess about stuff.  If I had more confidence and knowledge then perhaps I could risk used.  I also need to have something that can cope with curtains as that is my most likely target.

I shall make myself some brushed cotton pyjamas and some brushed cotton nighties because I can never find them in my size and I feel the cold.  I shall make a patchwork quilt, not the standard American style quilt but the one that they had on Wartime Farm where they fill little bags with stuffing and then sew them together.  I remember seeing a picture of a quilt made entirely from ties from a charity shop, and I quite like that idea.  The ebay shop that sold me the bulk lot of sweaters also sells bulk lots of used denim and I quite like the idea of a denim quilt as well.

I shall be brave!

(I'll let you know when I've had the courage to order one)


  1. Hi

    Have you looked at John Lewis website? They have a buyers guide for sewing machines which might be helpful for you. Also they have one of their own brand machines reduced at the moment.

    Love Christina

    1. Thank you, I shall go and have a look straight away! WS xxx

    2. Ring David Drummond in Edinburgh, message me if you want his number. He will advise you on the best machine to get for what you want to do. I have bought machines from him for over 20 years, he will give you an honest opinion, you will get your machine the next day and if you keep the box, you can send the machine back to him for service and he will send it back to you when its ready. No charge for carriage

  2. sweet blonde i have purchased a machine from him and have the same service plan free carriage can you tell me how much the service costs thanks