Monday 28 April 2014

Not Really a Bargain

I have just been handed a flyer at the school gate for Matalan.  My initial thought was, "Yes!!!" because before they had handed out flyers with percentages off and they had been brilliant.  This time the flyer was for £10 off if I spent £50.

It is a good deal, 20% off, and the prices are very reasonable to start with.  I have been very happy with Matalan quality as well and I want to keep the local store open.  I just can't think of what I need for £50.  Bear has most of the clothes he needs, the few bits of underwear wouldn't add up to much.  I certainly don't need any home furnishings, in fact I could do with less.  I'm fine for clothes and so is DH.  Father is fine for clothes but likes shopping so I may pass the voucher his way.  I suppose I could get uncle some stuff.  On the whole, it would be buying for buying's sake, and that is not a bargain.

The 48 toilet rolls have arrived and are in use.  I am quite pleased.  They are flimsy and have a tendency for the layers to separate but it scrunches up nicely and you need less sheets than you think.  I shall be keeping an eye out for blockages.  However the rolls are around half an inch narrower than the standard ones.  If you measure across the sheet they are definitely stunted.  Even so, it feels like you need less sheets.  I think I may re-order but I am considering it.

You really do need to keep your wits about you when looking for bargains.

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