Wednesday 9 April 2014

Janet - I never thought of doing that!  And it is a great way of storing half used tins as well.  I never remember to save the tops.It sounds like a great opportunity for me to do my stripey jellies.  I haven't done those for a long time.  Thank you!

Morgan - It was a huge stock of AF loo rolls that have now run down.  I've noted some on Amazon - pack of 48 for £11.33 + £2.83 but they don't get good reviews for quality.  Then again (talk about weighing things up!) I daren't get the thicker stuff as there is a funny bend in the toilet waste pipe and I am not in a hurry to get it blocked.  Some of the reviews made me wonder what people expect from loo roll.  Personally I have a seven year old son and I am not using anything except thin for the foreseeable future.


  1. Amazing the conversations we can have about loo roll, but we also have slightly delicate drains, having a treatment plant in the garden to deal with the waste, and the Nouvelle seems to suit it - it is recycled and seems to break down quite well! I shall probably pick up a couple more packs today as I pass the shop! Good luck!

    1. I ran out of loo roll once, and once only. I like nouvelle. The linky on Amazon is to recycled, which is quite important to me. I may wait until I get down to a dozen rolls before I panic. WS xxx

  2. Please be careful. I have been sewing for years and never heard of this make. You ought to go through a dealer, at least they give decent guarantee's, just in case! Try David Drummond 01313131002. He does free carriage and sends a box etc for servicing the machine. My friend has bought several machines from him without problem and he is SO helpful. Or a local machine shop to you? Not sure what part of the country you are from, so can't suggest anyone else!! Please be careful buying your machine, stick to a well known name! Wasn't sure the right one won the Sewing Bee, but enjoyed the series!!!!