Thursday 13 November 2014

Alcohol Again

With father not being here we are going through a lot less alcohol.  To be fair, I have made some serious inroads recently but the humiliating trip to the bottle bank isn't quite as bad.  DH has joined father in many glasses of whisky and lemonade over the years, and still likes an occasional tipple.  And while a bottle lasts considerably longer, it is still worth buying up a few when I see a bargain.

I have just seen Famous Grouse 1L bottles for £15.  That is incredibly cheap.  That is probably the cheapest I have seen it in over a year.  It is amazing.  Two of those would have lasted father a week.  One will last DH quite a bit longer, and he really enjoys a glass now and again.  Of course I am going to buy some - but how much?  Should I get one bottle and be happy in the knowledge that the £15 will easily see November out?  The RRP is £22 for a litre, and it isn't unusual to see small bottles at more than £15.  I could get two and be safe that the run up to Christmas will be covered.  DH is bound to get a bottle over Christmas as a present - father will insist, although Naked Grouse is also on at a very reasonable price.

If I get three it will certainly take us up to Christmas Day.  Other offers aren't likely to be quite as good.  Even checking on the graph on shows it is a superb deal.  Should I go for four?  There are never decent deals on booze in January.  The whisky won't go off and it really is an amazing deal.  But then I would be spending £60 on alcohol - I thought I had escaped that!

I've a feeling it's going to be another 'four bottles of whisky and a small bag of frozen mince' again.  I shall get another Look.  Thank goodness we don't always get the same driver.

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