Saturday 29 November 2014

Toilet Roll - the Update!

Never has so much energy been expended on such a humble matter!

We went to Makro.  It was too early for the deal that Witch Hazel tipped me off to, but there was a similar deal for 24 roll packs of Blossom for £9.99 plus VAT, two for the price of one, strategically positioned next to the entrance.  The Blossom was also quilted and I looked with reservations and wondered if it would make it through my toilet's bendy bit.  I bunged two in the trolley and started wandering around.

Our local Makro wasn't inspiring, it is halfway through being remodelled and, to be honest, a lot of the stuff is still cheaper in a supermarket.  However as I wandered I went past the toilet roll aisle.  I wondered if I should get the own brand sort of stuff which is thinner, and therefore a lot easier on my system.  I looked again.  This was £2.69 plus VAT or around £3.25 for 24, or £6.50 for 48 and easier on my plumbing.  I took out the Blossom and put in the 24 own brand stuff.  It isn't as good quality, and may even last a shorter time, but it is more appropriate and considerably less expensive.

It goes to show that just because it is a good deal (the Velvet is £7.75 for sixteen rolls in Tesco so 48 rolls for @ £12 inc VAT is a good deal) doesn't mean it is the best deal for you or even the right deal.
Witch Hazel - thank you for the tip off about Makro.  I had a lot of fun not spending.

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