Saturday 15 November 2014

Thoughtful presents

I have watched bear play with a particular thing of mine relentlessly over the last few days, having huge amounts of fun and getting up to quite a bit of mischief.  He has found one hundred and one uses for this thing and it took me all my time to claim back my own.

Given that he has had so much fun, I am getting him this rather mundane thing as a Christmas present and I know he will have at least as much fun with that as with his other much more expensive and carefully chosen toys.

So the question is, do I put the rubber gloves in his stocking or wrapped in the pile downstairs?

Bear has been playing with my gloves and has previously decorated them, splashed with them, used them as web shooters in a Spider Man game, actually used them for sensible stuff like cleaning out paint pots, squeaked them up and down windows and on the whole had far too much fun.  I've found some really cool looking ones for £1.59 (p&p inc - thank you ebay) and I can't wait to see what he does with them.  Hopefully he will wear them during painting, playing with the crystal growing kit, possibly even while washing stones - but I am sure he will not limit himself.

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