Sunday 2 November 2014

Mistaken phone

Bear has just wandered in.  He has enjoyed working with the noises app, the whip crack app (don't ask), the alarm, the stop watch, the timer, the music and I am working on the calendar.  He was a bit put out when he realised voice recognition didn't work unless there was a connection.

"You do know that I know how to turn on the wifi connection." He said calmly, and wandered off.

Tonight I am going to wait until he is in bed and delete every single bit of video evidence of my appalling housewifery.

Speaking of which, I have just frozen some soup but I am not entirely sure how successful it is.  I will wait and see.


  1. I think it means you have met your match there, Sybil! Time to retreat and retrench with plan B? Hugs xx

    1. I think I met my match a long time ago! Working on Plan B... WS xxx