Sunday 9 November 2014

Bear has done his homework

Bear has finally done his homework.  He gets homework on Fridays so normally I start my campaign to get it done as I pick him up, but we had an amazing playdate on Friday evening.  Saturdays are usually kept calm and his favourite pal was visiting next door so bear had a full play plus he started putting together the Kano.  It is a package where the child puts together a motherboard, memory card, keyboard etc and basically builds a computer.  Not only does bear get a chance to do that but he also gets to play games on it while learning how to code as part of the games, plus he gets to do sound and drawing stuff and works towards making his own games.  Then there was a long run up to a storming episode of Doctor Who.  Bear didn't get his homework done yesterday.

Today bear settled down.  The maths homework he rattled through and there was something to do with French, though I think bear got a bit side tracked with that.  He had to sign on to a site and do stuff and ended up on the sign language page.  I may need to ask a few more questions when his friend has gone home.

Then we came to literacy.  Bear can read.  He takes the view that of course he can read.  Reading is easy.  Writing out stuff is boring and as he can recite huge swathes of probably true facts from YouTube videos I can see his point.  Mind you, he didn't manage much further than about five on the periodic table when he tried to memorise it.  He also turned around, gave me a withering look and said, 'That is quite enough, thank you.' when I corrected his pronunciation of 'macho' as he was reading some text on a (quite respectable) internet site.  I just concentrate on the homework.  I don't actually check the homework.  I just insist that it is done.  I believe that it is then up to him to get the credit or blame for the content, despite bear's best efforts to include me in the literacy process.

I did slip a bit on the last bit today.  Bear was writing down five facts about Ancient Egypt and he rattled off a few, including that the Nile was flooded by the rains from Indonesia.  I blinked and asked him whether he was sure about that.  He thought about it and came to the conclusion that it was probably something about Inundation but he was using more interesting stuff anyway.  By the way, did I know that the son of a famous Pharaoh got wrapped in a sheepskin as a mark of dishonour?  

I have told bear's teachers that I don't contribute to his homework.  I am not sure if they believe me.

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